加拿大最大的医用大麻生产商-冠军成长股份有限公司Canopy Growth Corp.(TSX:WEED)的股价在过去一个月中翻了一番。投资者很少看到这种股价上涨,特别是当许多分析师提高红旗并将加拿大大麻股票称为资产泡沫的典型例子时。

但是,尽管有这些警告,但在几个星期之内有机会将投资翻倍的时候,很难抵制诱惑。让我们看看加拿大最大的大麻生产商Canopy Growth是否仍然是一个好买盘,或者如果我们需要小心这些极高的估值。








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对于长线投资者,我仍然推荐Canopy Growth股票,它的所有成分都成为娱乐市场上最大的玩家。Canopy通过收购和合作,一旦市场开放,就已经把自己定位在领先地位。

Canopy Growth Corp.?s (TSX:WEED) share price has doubled during the past month. Investors rarely see this kind of jump in share prices, especially when many analysts are raising the red flag and calling Canadian marijuana stocks a classic example of an asset bubble.

But despite these warnings, it?s hard to resist temptation when there?s a chance to double your investment in just a few weeks. Let?s see if Canopy Growth, Canada?s largest pot producer, is still a good buy or if we need to be careful on these extremely high valuations.

Prospects for 2018

The momentum you?re seeing in Canada?s cannabis stocks is mainly coming from the potential legalization of the recreational sale of pot as of July 1, 2018.

Canada will become only the second country in the world (after Uruguay) to legalize the production, sale, and consumption of recreational marijuana.

To make this happen before its self-imposed deadline, the federal government has made a great deal of progress. During the past six months, we have witnessed some major developments that were enough to assure investors that the federal government and provinces are serious about putting together a legal and operational framework before the summer.

An agreement between the federal government and the provinces over sharing tax revenues from pot sales in the recreational market was reached last month, effectively removing one of the major roadblocks. Earlier, Canada?s House of Commons passed a bill that will allow the recreational consumption of cannabis in the country. This bill is now up for debate in the Senate.

Risks to demand forecast

Despite these positive developments, many analysts believe that after the triple-digit gains of 2017, Canopy stock has entered a bubble territory, as there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the scale of expected demand and selling prices. There are also  execution risks, which very few investors seem to be concerned about.

The market for recreational pot is estimated to reach between $5-10 billion by 2021. However, these forecasts assume that the black market will simply disappear and that the majority of buyers will turn to the legal channels.

This assumption, however, is too optimistic. There will still be a cost incentive for illegal sellers, as they will keep their costs low by avoiding taxes, regulations, and quality checks.

Despite the Canopy?s leading position in Canada?s marijuana sector, the risks are rising for a sustained pullback after these massive gains in its stock price. I think almost all the positive news has been factored into the current valuations and that the gains we?re now seeing are purely speculative.

The bottom line

Investors who are thinking to make a quick buck in this space should be very careful before jumping on the bandwagon, as fundamentals don?t justify these prices and any negative news might bring a sharp correction.

For long-term investors, I still recommend Canopy Growth stock, which has all the ingredients to become the largest player in the recreational market. Canopy, through acquisitions and partnership, has positioned itself to lead the pack once the market is open.


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